Downtown Los Angeles Graffiti

A walking tour of DTLA was the perfect way to view the city’s vibrant mural and graffiti scene and get a feel for the neighborhood. Not only did we view amazing works of art, but we learned about the street art culture including, the techniques, territory, hierarchy and lingo of these incredibly talented artists.

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An Art Museum For Book Lovers — A Teacher’s Reflections

People think of an art museum as… art, single standing pieces on their own right. Imagine masterful, award winning art combined with the best literature, in one museum. Exciting? You bet! A hidden gem in Amherst, Massachusetts. What is your favorite childhood book? Madeline? Perhaps it is Make Way For Ducklings. There are so many. The […]

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New art studio

Photo Jun 05, 10 00 16 AMI’m converting a large basement room into my art studio. (I always want to put art in quotation marks.) I’ve had a lot of shouts from the harsh inner critic asking, “WHY THE FUCK do YOOOOOUUUUU need an ‘art’ studio you talent-less fuck?”…..I ignore her and push on with building the art studio… it and they’ll come ….dress for the job you want, not the one you have etc etc and so forth and so on……

I decided on yellow for the room because it’s cheery. It seems like it would inspire creativity. I’m leaving one wall blank so that I can paint graffiti all over it.  I’ll post some updates as it goes along.

daily #doodle no. 19

This is a digital doodle using Fresh Paint then GIMP filters and color distortions. Thanks for the likes on my other doodles. Makes me 😀

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
HERE is the doodle PRE GIMP filters etc….in case you were curious …