Problems with Crook Frightfulness

So it turns out that the interlibrary loan request to the closest possible libraries yielded rejections.  They said the book is in their “reference” collection or rare books collection.  Non circulating.  The librarian said she could try some other university libraries but they would more than likely charge a $20 fee.  Steep compared to the $2 I normally pay for a loan but this IS a rare book …BUT, even if I agree to the $20 fee, they may very well reject the request also.  So it’s not over yet.

I was so disappointed that I went BACK to some of my old haunts to try to find the book again.  I went to Project Gutenberg,, ….nothing…..There might be a way to put in a request at….I’ll check into that. shows three finds…the cheapest is $180….

Ok.  Enough whining.  I think I’ve worked up another round of desperation so I’ll offer the $20 and see what the librarian can do next.  Maybe she has the book, she’s just holding it ransom…maybe this is a librarian kick back….she could smell the desperation….well…probably not.


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