Journey to Death by Donald E. Westlake (short story)

Edition: Random House anthology of short stories entitled Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories that Scared Even Me.

Because this is such a short story, I’m afraid to give away too many details about the plot. Let’s just say this story made me NOT want to go on a cruise any time soon. Westlake is a true master of creating suspense. His writing always pulls me in from the start and I get so lost in his world that I forget that my eyes are traveling along words on a page.

With this story he really proves that a strong sense of horror can be created without the use of the supernatural or incredible gore. No serial killers, vampires, ghost, werewolves, witches, aliens, cops etc in this one. Just a good old fashioned sense of panic at the very real possibilities. A great quick read with lasting frights.


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