Thanks for stopping by….

Hi. My name is Mel and I am a book addict. On a little notebook in my desk drawer I have a list of 469 novels I’d like to buy or read. On my computer is a list of 95 books I’d like to check out at the local library. I keep a database of the books that I actually own (I’m up to 600 and I’ve only put in about half). I frequent library book sales, used book shops everywhere,,,,, and recently installed book burro to help make comparing book prices easier. And now I’ve discovered FREE reading with sites like daily and Project Gutenberg and the growing popularity of, the “catch and release” system of sharing books around the world. I think I would break out into a cold sweat if I had to actually put a book into a trash can. Just thinking about it gives me stomach flips. So bookcrossing is a God send. Now I can share (good Karma)instead of trying to trade some of the books that I no longer want.

I should say that the books in my collection are an eclectic mix of genres and not rare books or “collectors” items. I do prefer hardback when I can get it but most of my books are trade paperbacks. Quite a few of my hardbacks are “book club editions” or NOT first editions. I go for the first editions on hardbacks that I think would matter. Only one or two of my books are signed by the author. Mostly, I just want the books to read, not to resale for a profit. I love holding books so much that I have a hard time with ebooks or online reading but this year I’m giving it a try. Cheap is good. Free is better. Since I can’t afford to own (or store) every book in the world, at least I can READ every book in the world…wait, that sounds a bit ambitious. Ok, maybe not every book…

Hell, I just wish I could say that I’ve read all the books that I own. I intend to. Someday. I do read as much as possible (sort of). However, my addiction to touching and smelling books (actually holding them in my hands and looking at their seductive spines full of promising adventures and awe inspiring information) is much stronger, much more insatiable, than my discipline in carving out reading time. I love to read, don’t get me wrong. But I’m also into television and movies so regretfully I spend a lot more time in front of the boob tube than with my nose in a book. But this year I hope to start changing all that. I’ll never be able to read fast enough to keep pace with my ravenous book collecting, but I hope to at least give a try.

So, that’s why I’m here. I decided to keep a blog of the books that I read and write a little review of each one. My thinking is that it can serve as a record for me at least, even if nobody ever reads the blogs/reviews and so maybe it won’t feel like a waste of time. If you’re reading my reviews, please drop me a line. Let me know what your thoughts were on the book (if you’ve read it) or if you think you might like to read it in the future. I’ll be reading a variety of genres and it sure would be fun if you read along with me. OH, and feel free to suggest books šŸ™‚ I’m always up for new ones. Boy do I need help.


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