One of many book searches….

Please write and tell me what you know about the following book:

When the Dead Arose No One Saw Them (Hardcover)

by Patrick Loughnane (Author)

Mr. McMillan in the UK was kind enough to respond to my old wordpress blog entry on the novel Crook Frightfulness (click here to read the old entry), and said that he’s currently reading the Loughnane novel. He says it is “just as wierd as Crook frightfulness, but maybe not as haunted.” I’m intrigued. I found two used editions on but not much detail…..Hopefully Mr. McMillan will email me a review of his thoughts on the book.

YES, I did finally get my hands on Crook Frightfulness, mailed from California to my local library for a fee of $15 ….was only able to keep the book a week and couldn’t renew it. So I scanned it. So there! I’ll probably submit on the internet archive where tons of old out of copyright books can be found….my modern day, lazy man’s Robin Hood effort….make it FREE for the masses….I’m sure everyone is anxious to get their hands on Crook Frightfulness….

If you are a fan of first person accounts of madness, as I am, then check out this nice and tidy list
and if you’ve read any of the books on the list, please (with sugar on top) send me an email and tell me what you thought of it, along with any trivia related to the author/time period etc….


5 thoughts on “One of many book searches….

  1. A massive long shot as to whether you’d notice this comment or you still have this, but have you put Crook Frightfulness online anywhere? Been interested in reading it for a while

    1. Hi….I have not put Crook Frightfulness online anywhere ….I’m not sure if I could email it you? I’ll have to get back to you ….OH…I could see about posting it at internet archive….I will let you know.

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