Green Tea by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

I’m being watched by a fat black beast….his name is Sal and he’s a cat. He’s purring so that’s not very scary. However, the beast in Green Tea (a monkey) IS quite spooky. Maybe that’s because I am afraid of monkeys …..but the idea of an evil “companion” being a monkey was a great concept for fear. Yet, I don’t feel like Le Fanu took it as far as he could have. It works more as a medical mystery, told in letters by Dr. Hesselius. I love the structure and am a fan of stories told in letters and especially spooky stories with doctors. But…it was tame. Even by Le Fanu’s standards. Anyway, now I can go back to reading Elegant Nightmares and think more on all of the subtle things in the story I’m sure I missed.

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