Collected letters of…..I’m so nosy……

Collected letters of…..I’m so nosy…why else would I want to read other people’s letters? I have The Letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Letters of E.B. White, The Letters of Sean O’Casey (vol.II….how will I survive without Vol.I…what have I missed?), Steinbeck: A Life in Letters, Selected Letters of Karl Marx and Friedrick Engles, Selected Letters of Dashiell Hammett, and Letters of the Empress Frederick (which I bought simply because it was letters, not because I knew or cared about Empress Frederick in particular)…..Oh, and i have The Letters of John Cheever and the Letters of Algernon Swinburne…..when they say “selected” letters, I feel a little cheated….I mean, I’d assume they just left out the “boring” ones…but maybe I’d find the boring ones interesting….or maybe some letter were damaged…that’s sad….but can any of these truly be the entire letters of any of these people? some had to slip through the cracks. And as much as I enjoy the letters, would they feel OK with the world reading them? I wouldn’t want everyone reading my letters…well, emails now…the Collected Emails of….blahhhhhhhh….and with so many blogs as a way of pretty much writing letters to the interwebsphere world, do we still need the collected letters/emails of..?


3 thoughts on “Collected letters of…..I’m so nosy……

  1. You know, I have actually seen a book that is just a paper collection of someone’s blog posts. On another subject, you have a collection of Bukowski’s letters, which are extremely mundane (repeat inquiries to his publisher concerning checks they owe him). Yet it’s somehow interesting.

    1. makes me want to burn and delete ALL of my emails/letters 🙂 …but I think mine would put people to sleep anyway…lots of bitching about family

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