The Power and the Glory

powerandthegloryThis is how it goes with books….I was reading On the Road but then I went to a book sale and got a bunch of books for cheap and when I saw A Very Long Engagement was a movie already (available as an instant play movie on netflix), well I had to start it…so then I had two half read books on my  night table.  Other books have been suggested and have arrived in mail such as Inherent Vice and Airships….and for some reason I picked up an Elmore Leonard book “just to read a page” and had to throw it aside (with some force) so I wouldn’t have THREE half read books on my night table.  Then I join a group on my favorite writer of all time, Graham Greene…..well, you know that only got me all excited to get back to reading Greene…I have a lot of novels I still haven’t read…and Kathleen said The Power and the Glory is really amazing…so now I’ve taken it off the shelf and …well, that makes three novels on my night table…sorry :D…..if it helps, I am only 50 pages from finishing A Very Long Engagement now….


2 thoughts on “The Power and the Glory

  1. The Power and the Glory certainly is amazing. I hope you have fun reading it. I have about four unfinished books that are waiting for my assigned reading to be completed.

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