Henry Miller as a lighthouse….Opened m…

Henry Miller as a lighthouse….Opened my old used paperback edition (5th printing it says) of Henry Miller’s The Air-Conditioned Nightmare and a bookmark fell out. It has a picture on it of Georges Seurat’s The Lighthouse at Honfleur …at a moment when I was in need of some writing inspiration, reaching as I sometimes do for Henry Miller (among others), I get the faded pastel image of a lighthouse seen through a haze and I imagine in that lighthouse stands a tiny figure of Miller pointing at me, telling me to get to writing and stop daydreaming about him in a tower at Honfleur….


4 thoughts on “Henry Miller as a lighthouse….Opened m…

    1. thank you….that’s interesting to learn how my entry popped up..I like the citations on that site….what has amazed me in reading this book is how so many of the same things still exist and how accurate (and at times brilliantly flawed) some of Miller’s points are….even when I don’t really agree with him, he rants on in such a way that I become convinced and go a bit blind to the rhetoric at play….

      1. Equally amazing is how “revelation” is ever only generation-aware, the mea culpas of a Miller’s time simply replaced by new sins of a new generation, which sins always grow more grotesque and hideous with population growth, until finally a Bolshevik solution makes more sense than an evil population’s denial. Even if every member of Congress was forced to read truth of the Millers, none would give any new thought, all preferring instead the short-term benefits of the insanity they embrace on the top floor of the World Trade Center even as the 2nd plane approaches. Nature has always been successful because nature is based on a “nourishing” model. Man has always been a failure because man is based on a “taking” model.

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