scribbled …

scribbled in the back of the book someone wrote “I’ll be in hell before you’re born”….this spooked me, i have to say…


2 thoughts on “scribbled …

  1. Hmm… I found your site through vanity, clicking on things related to my own posts. Apparently, this happens. All this to say, I’m glad you were able to enjoy the Henry Miller quotes! And I really like it when people write in books, though maybe not as spooky as yours. I like a nice “To Nina, from Diane”, or “Merry Christmas, Son!”

    In the first Henry Miller book I read, Tropic of Cancer, someone who read the book before me had noted various passages, and I spent far too much time wondering why they had underlined them: could it be because they liked them, disagreed, needed it for a class? Aaaahhhh, used books are fun!

  2. HI…what a strange way to stumble upon each others blogs but thanks so much for checking out some of my post/rambles….I know exactly what you mean about analyzing the underlines! I always think I must be missing something or try to figure what it could have meant to them…reread it a bunch of times …I usually use the names (if they sign a name) for characters in my writings…LOVE when I actually get a whole name …

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