Reworking an old unpublished short story today and thinking how the plot sounds pretty silly when I say it as a sort of logline:

An elderly couple living in an old farm house are invaded by snarling pig creatures  and must fight to survive.


Late night B flick.  All I need now are a few giant tarantulas and a laser beam of some sort.

But I’m trying to make it work.  It’s an exercise…in stupidity more than likely.

I’m attempting a bit of dark humor with it…I’ve revised it several times and am now rewriting the ending completely….endings are a problem area for me…in life, and in writing.  If I get lucky, I MIGHT just sell this baby for $10 and a contributor’s copy!  Wahoo.


3 thoughts on “Revision

  1. I recommend injecting as much humor as possible. It sounds like perfect material for horror-satire, so if you can get over that hump you and your readers could have a lot of fun with this one. Maybe the huge tarantulas are the surprise rescuers in the end?

    1. LOL…sounds PERFECT Jason…I’ll see about working those spiders into the end 🙂 Thanks for the imput. I think you’re right…I think I’ll try pumping up the humor even more. I might be straddling the fence a bit too much right now…

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