Script Frenzy Results

Scarface Pictures, Images and PhotosFor those of you wondering if I eventually managed to write those remaining 88 pages in 8 days, the answer is:  no.  Of course I didn’t –and through no fault of the developers of Script Frenzy (who offer pep talks throughout, writer’s maps, how to advice, etc etc).  My failure was due to a lack of taking myself seriously.

I let everything else get in the way.  And I, by no means, put in the time.  I procrastinated, as I’ve done forever, thinking I have PLENTY of time to do that tomorrow…next week…next–well, day or two…until time was finally up…I was too far behind to catch up and too overwhelmed by the prospect to try.

In the end, the final Script Frenzy message said, basically, that even if you didn’t finish, at least you wrote more than you would have without the challenge.  I suppose that’s why I signed up in the first place…to write something..anything…but next year, it’s ON.  I WILL be in it to win it.

For now, I will go back to the play I started during the frenzy and several other unfinished projects and finish them up.  I have a short story, a partial novella (which I’m considering expanding into a novel but I really like it as a novella…what is with the anti novella-ism out there anyway?), and two plays…I won’t even get into my heavily researched- heavily outlined- multiple false starts- novel project….I’ll save that for another post.


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