Book Huffing…is it a crime?

If something isn’t a crime (not illegal), does it make it right?  Morally wrong or simply unfair—don’t they seem like they should be somehow of equal weight?  Sometimes, doesn’t it seem that something that isn’t criminal, should be?  Like that asshole who passes a whole line of bumper to bumper cars then squeezes in right in front of you….don’t you feel like he should be arrested.  If you beat the shit out of the mother fucker, you’d be arrested…is that fair?

These are the thoughts going through my mind while I huff the pages of an old book by Frank Gruber called The Buffalo Box.  There is a lot of debate out there about which is better, old book smell or new…about kindle having no smell…about trying to get odors OUT of books (like that makes sense).  My vote is for OLD book smell over new…and for being able to taze the mother fucker who cheats a line.

Don’t you wish you could absorb a book by huffing it; get high on it’s’s content? Huff some love sonnets and weep….huff some pulp noir and start calling women “broads” or “sugar tits” and shove guns in people’s faces? Happens anyway once we read the book…well, some of it…I don’t really weep at sonnets…but i’m talking instantaneous shit here.

No?  You mean to say these thougths have never crossed your mind?  Hummm…

Well, I can’t wait to actually read The Buffalo Box…wouldn’t it be cool if it had a scene with some asshole cutting a queue and getting the crap beat out of him?  I’d love that.


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