The Red and The Black – Days 8-10

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Days 8-10: page 90.  Lots of beach reading …everyone else has magazines and Stephen King….I have massive French novel with two bookmarks (one in the notes section and one on my current spot in the text).  This makes me feel a bit superior.

Or nerdy.


This 4th of July weekend, I’d have to say I felt a bit nerdy considering our guest were reading Swan Song and Under the Dome and telling us how much they love So You Think You Can Dance and Fringe. But then, as I write this, I start feeling superior again ….

Alex and I had a few discussions about Julien while swimming and tanning.  Mostly we think he’s an asshole but we like his anti-richies sentiment…If only he’d read less….if only Mme. de Renal had read more (did she read a “few” books or none? …some contradictions in the text)…I guess we’ll see.  I think I’m ready for some action…something….I’d even welcome a zombie….the “action” scene so far was sort of brushed over…suggested…merely hinted …ugh…where is de Sade when you need him?

I really like the book, but I can’t say it’s captivated me in the way Dangerous Liaisons or Phantom of the Opera did…but..i confess…i only read half of those two novels and quit them but that is mainly to do with my A.D.D …I fully intend to finish reading them….

And don’t let me get started on my love for  Fantomas

I really need to kick up my readings….I have a Man Ray bio to read this summer too…PLUS 2 or 3 other books.

I feel overwhelmed.


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