2013 reading goal: First UP….Madame Bovary

madamebovaryLast month I told you about my 2013 reading goal…to read five big hitters in the fiction world …In looking over my list, I thought it might be a good idea to start with Madame Bovary…because it seems shorter…because it doesn’t terrify me the way some of my other choices do…..after I read the book I hope to see the movie versions. Unless I hate the book.  Is that possible?

In case you’re not familiar with my list…here it is:

1. Madame Bovary

2. Ulysses 

3. In Search of Lost Time

4. Moby-Dick

5. Crime and Punishment 

P.S. If you’ve read Moby-Dick, or want to start, you might enjoy following my friend S. Craig Renfroe’s blog post ….he’s currently rereading it and doing daily post….also tweeting great quotes from the book ….

As I read, I’ll do random post on my Madame Bovary progress.  I’ll try to avoid any spoilers….



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