Madame Bovary update…

madamebovaryYesterday I visited my favorite local used bookshop and immediately ran to the classics.  I had to see which translations they had of Madame Bovary. They had five or six different translations.  I had the J. Lewis May one.  I passed on the G. Wall one. Two or three others were not familiar from my research on the best translation.  I did find the Steegmuller.  So I bought that one….and the Norton Critical Edition, translated by Paul De Man….It wasn’t for the translator but for the Norton….I have this thing about those editions. I’m not sure why.  I hated them in college.  Now I love them.  And I hate Dover Thrift editions…why?  …I don’t know.  It’s just a vibe thing.

So.  I have two MORE editions of Madame Bovary.  Five copies of one book seems strange… I’ve been reading one edition on my Kindle…I am 3% done.  I wish Kindle would just use page numbers. I’m switching over to the Steegmuller for a while and see how it feels.

While I was book browsing, I found a few other books that I’m anxious to read. It’s hard to resist reading them while I finish Madame Bovary.


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