The oldest hot guy going….

fitzwilliam-darcyToday our beloved Mr. Darcy turns 200. Not bad for his age huh?

I’m one of these sappy girls who love Pride and Prejudice.  I’m a bigger fan of Wuthering Heights ….And I would almost consider Jane Eyre a tie with Pride and Prejudice…but Mr. Rochester is not as wonderful as Mr.Darcy so I give it to Darcy…. anyway….still…I’m one of THOSE kind of girls…It’s my guilty pleasure…I’ve seen every movie version of these novels and I have favorite versions of those for sure…for me there is only ONE true Mr. Darcy…Colin Firth….no one will ever top him.  Glad he’s not 200 years old…yet…

For a cool timeline regarding the publication and history of the novel Pride and Prejudice, click here.


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