Weird coincidence #291

Small Fahrenheit 451 book tree
Ralph Steadman

Remember yesterday?

I know…I can’t remember this morning already….

Well, yesterday I was talking about my current pop culture obsessions. One of my most recent obsessions is the show Utopia. I love the images from the fictional graphic novel in the show.  You really only get to see them in glimpses but at first glance I thought one of the drawings reminded me of Ralph Steadman’s work.  I googled him to see if there was a link to Utopia but I couldn’t find it.  (That’s because, as I learned, the artwork is done “in house” and only a few pages are done as props…there’s no whole graphic novel….bummer)

So I spent some time online looking at Ralph Steadman’s illustrations and remembering why I like him so much.  Then, inspired to create, went to my studio to clean things up so I could do some work.  And wouldn’t you know, right there in the middle of the floor was a stack of Smithsonian magazines from the 70s (because the ink from the 70s makes for easier transfers) and the top magazine was Ralph Steadman’s illustrations for Alice in Wonderland.  It’s been sitting there for months with no thoughts in my mind about the illustration.  Weird.

IF you’re interested, someone else online said the graphic novel pages resembles the work of Ben Templesmith and David Mack. I’d never heard of these illustrators but I think this is spot on, much more Templesmith than Steadman. I’m so happy I investigated the art work because now that I’ve been introduced to Templesmith I’m mad about his work.  Maybe not the clown painting for 30 Days….. But wow!  He’s fantastic. I might even have to buy my first graphic novel because of him! And because I can’t ever stop researching things, this lead me to artist David McKean (who illustrated Neil Gaiman’s Coraline).

I am inspired ….I really need to get to my art room and do some painting.


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