Funny what the mind recalls…

facesketch1The other day I sat down with my sketchbook and while watching a documentary on graffiti artist I drew this quick sketch of a face (played with coloring eyes using GIMP)…Then I had this idea of doing vines around the neck to give it a kind of tattoo vibe….

But something was bugging me…

The drawing started to look familiar.

I wondered if maybe I’d done this same sketch before…but then I thought it reminded me of an album cover…what cover?  …I thought and thought and for some reason Van Halen came to mind…I’ve never bought a Van Halen album in my life but I Googled it…


wasn’t it…then I thought, David Lee Roth…never bought his albums either…but BAM ….



Eat_Em_And_Smile_CoverThere it was….

I think this is what was coming into my head as my drawing seemed familiar.

Really really weird that you can recall something you barely know from decades ago!!!

Especially when I can’t remember something from yesterday ….

And it’s so strange to draw something with NO thought of something else and it turns out like it….at least somewhat…

My sketch isn’t JUST like the Eat Em and Smile cover, I know….but just a bit eerie…maybe it’s nothing like it..but the sketch was triggering something in my head and I think this was it…



And yet I still feel like there is something else, a book illustration or another album cover, that has this type of face with vines around the neck….maybe this Lord of Flies cover is what I’m thinking….


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