currently reading: The Book of Lists (1977)

The Red and The Black

Our local used bookshop has a wall of books for only 10 cents each. I’m a cheap bastard so I gravitate to this area…You never know what goofy book you might find and I figure if anything else I can get a few to alter.  During one of my most recent hunts I found this book …The Book of Lists from 1977.  I’m a fan of list making.  I love seeing what the lists were way back in the day…you can’t have more fun than this for 10 cents!

Like take this collection of lists from the first page of the book…“The 5 Most Hated and Feared Persons in History”…..Says each year from 1970-1976 people were polled at Mme. Tussaud’s Waxwork Museum in London about who they hated the most.  (Interesting place to conduct a poll.)  In TWO of those years, Richard Nixon beat out Adolph Hitler (1972 and 1973).  Hitler was number one in the rest.  Can you believe Count Dracula was number 5 in three different years and made the list five of the years?  What the fuck?  He was a little less hated than Jimmy Carter, who was number four in 1976!  In 1975 Dracula was more hated than Nixon, coming in at number 3.  Nixon was more hated than Jack the Ripper.  SATAN made the list only once, in 1972.

And there’s a list of 30 famous left-handed people. Jack the Ripper pops up again. Babe Ruth.  Kim Novak.  Truman.

O.J Simpson makes the “Girl’s Top 10 Heroes and Heroines” list coming in at number ONE….as well as the top of the boy’s list.

There’s a list of “the 12 Greatest Jews of All Time”……Moses is number one (sorry Weinsteins…this was before your notoriety but i”m sure you would have surpassed Jesus who was at number 3…but maybe not Woody Allen, who we’d have to put at number one)….

Here’s a list I love….“Ten Memorable Books that Never Existed”….wonder if you can name one of the 10?

There’s even a list of “10 Well-Known  One-Eyed Persons in History”….can you name one?  OMG Rex Harrison was one!  I didn’t know that…

This would make for a good drinking game…Hasbro needs to get on this shit…drink up kiddies …

ALSO…on another topic….TONIGHT I’m seeing Greg Proops at Charlie Goodnights downtown Raleigh….not to brag but I received a tweet from him this morning saying he’s looking forward to seeing me tonight too 😀  I found this exciting and terrifying ….Last month I got a retweet from Dean Delray….Comedians are the best!!!  You should follow them on twitter for sure!


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