An té nach bhfuil láidir ní folair dó a bheith glic.

Whoever is not strong must be clever.

liftLast night I dreamed I saw the word(s) “tenache” carved on a table.  I woke up several times reminding myself of the word so I could look it up this morning.  It seemed to have some importance in the dream.  Google translate gave me nothing ….but then I thought maybe it was two words in the dream…so I put in “te nach” and it detected Irish and said it means “not hot”….Why would I dream Gaelic words?  I just learned how to say Smithwick!

Maybe someone in the dream sat at that table and found their food or drink disappointing….”not hot”….“Agus an tae nach bhfuil ládir ní folair dó a bheith te.” …..(And the tea that is not strong must be hot.)….and the tea was “not hot” te nach….but what the hell does this mean?  Was it a message?  … is it saying I’m “not hot” …not clever….so I need to be stronger?  Or do I need to be “hot”? ….Does “hot” in this sense mean powerful?  A force?  Clever?  Is the dream simply calling me stupid?   What the fuck? Stupid dreams.


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