Do you love me? _____yes or _____no

I live in a house on a corner lot and twice a day a school bus (maybe even two) stops to pick kids up and drop them off. Sometimes they stand around at the stop sign chatting, laughing, fighting — whatever it is kids do that is loud, piercing,  and boisterous as they eventually move from the corner, on down the street to their homes. So it’s not uncommon for me to find bits of school related paper in the yard. Usually it’s graded test (little Mindy Johnson made an 83 on her math test) or workbook assignments (also math usually…kids seem especially careless with math related homework). Occasionally it’s a personal note. At least twice it’s been the classic: Do you like me? Check ___yes or ____no….the most recent one had a reply:  “I’ll have to think about it” ….I wonder if the initiator of the note was so disappointed he/she just threw the paper on the ground once they got off the bus….or did they lose it before they ever saw the reply?


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