2014 library book sale …

After combing through hundreds and hundreds of books (with hundreds and hundreds of people), I came away from this year’s libary book sale with:

81 books.

57 of them are hardcover.

13 of them are memoir or biography (Chanel, Sartre, Maugham, Wiesel, Gunter Grass, Hazlitt, Rick Bragg, Paul Auster…).

3 are plays (2 Pinter, 1 Sam Shepard).

4 are short story collections (Irish murder stories, Complete stories of Washington Irving..can’t remember the other two).

4 books are non-fiction about books or writing

Bought 34 books on day two of the sale. (Was buy a bag, get a bag free…any bag you used….I filled two Trader Joe’s bags for a grand total of $2.) There were people loading up boxes on furniture dollies! I felt like an underachiever for sure. But I think I found more interesting books digging through the leftovers than I found on the first day of the sale.

I’m most excited about finding 1) a book by le Carre that I didn’t have …and I have a lot of them… 2) finding a hardcover of Henderson the Rain King which is on my Barthelme “to read” list….

At first I’m so in love with all my selections and I swear I want to read all of them. But I know after they’re shoved into my bookcases with all the other books of sales past, I’ll forget them and move on to other hunts and who knows if or when I’ll get around to reading them. I think I mostly enjoy knowing they’re there waiting when I’m ready.


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