Published pieces of fiction

dailydoodle3“The Execution of Larry the Pedophile” at Two Sentence Stories

*please head over and give this one a rating on the website.

“The Lake Murders: A Love Story” at Two Sentence Stories (2015).

*Please head over and give this one a rating on the website.

car_at_night_headlights-300x225A Burning Thing” in Out of the Gutter Magazine (2014).

Two men working for a crime boss, known only as Herbert, set out on a chase to capture a woman named Anna Valdez. Only Anna has never gone down without a fight.

“In Florida you expect to be chased back inside by mosquitoes, or at the least humidity. Not by a murdered-out Camaro SS. It’s parked by the dumpsters. I notice it once I hear the engine race and the tires start squalling. Panic sets in about the time I realize the Camaro is gunning right for me, and like a cat caught in a rainstorm I don’t know which way to go, and race into the hotel room just as the car splinters the door frame.”

popcorn“Hard Concession” in Shotgun Honey (2014).

When a man with a bad temper comes across a concession clerk with an attitude.

“I grab her pink cell and throw it into the popcorn machine, planning to let that be the end of it but anger has its own agenda.”

blaMas_L01“On Parole” at Powder Burn Flash (2012).

[Website seems to be out of commission.]

Three women, recently released from prison, help each other get revenge on the cheating, lying, bastards who helped put them behind bars.

eyeswoaface“Julia” at Pedestal Magazine.

Elliot Bosworth believes that his wife Julia is not his wife, but an imposture out to destroy him. 

 shortfastdead“Debt” at Short, Fast, and Deadly (2010, Vol.124).

Flash fiction piece. A man owes money to the boys of “Grap Row.” I’m sure the boys work for Herbert. 

OTHER Publications (PRINT):

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